Gate Pass Information

LSA Guard House

Call in:  815-248-9186  --- Monday-Thursday - good for that day only

Fax:  815-248-4236 --- any day                                   Email: --- any day

Emergency use only:  815-248-2778                            In case of an emergency - Call 911 first

Easter                                Mother’s Day

Father’s Day                             Garage Sale Weekend

Memorial Day                                        4th of July

Family Fest                                  Labor Day

Thanksgiving                         Christmas

New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day

These special passes are available for members to give to their invited guests for these specific holiday/events.  The forms and passes will be available at the guardhouse or LSA office.

The member must fill out a form for the specific holiday or event, and then the member will be issued passes to give to their guests.  Only 1 pass per vehicle is given.  Most of the passes will be available for members up to 3 weeks before the holiday or event.  This should be adequate time for the member to get the window pass to their guest.  It is the member’s responsibility to get the window pass to their guest(s).   It is the responsibility for the guests to have the pass taped to their windshield for quicker access into LSA. If the guest forgets their pass they will have to wait in line and get reissued a duplicate pass by the gate guard.