Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Summerset

Question: How big is the lake and how many lots/houses are at Lake Summerset?

Answer: Lake Summerset's lake itself covers about 275 acres and varies in depth from 40-feet to 3-feet depending on where you are located on the lake. At the dam, it is about 40-feet deep. For lots, there are approximately 2,400 and about 1,300 have homes on them. The actual population of Lake Summerset is somewhere around 2,300 people.

Question: When was Lake Summerset Established?

Answer: The Lake was built by the Corp of Engineers May 7, 1969. On May 8, 1973, the lake was turned over to the Lake Summerset Association.

Question: How do I find lots for sale at Lake Summerset?

Answer: Lake Summerset Association (LSA) is not in the business to sell lots or houses at the lake. The association's main purpose is to provide services and enforce the rules and regulations as they have been voted by the lake Board of Directors and written up in our published Red Book and Blue Book which define all the rules and regulations for owning property and living at Lake Summerset. LSA does not recommend realtors.

Lists of lots and houses for sale at Lake Summerset can be obtained from area realtors. Some area realtors can be found in local newspaper advertising or on the Lake Summerset home page. One local newspaper printed on a weekly basis from Durand, Illinois is "The Volunteer."

Question: How do I find local builders?

Answer: Lake Summerset Association does not build or sell houses at the lake. Therefore, LSA does not recommend any builders of homes. There are many local builders who advertise in the local newspapers. One local newspaper printed on a weekly basis from Durand, Illinois is "The Volunteer."

Question: What is the lake size?

Answer: The lake covers approximately 275 acres and is approximately 40 feet deep at the deepest part of the lake by the dam.

Question: Is there a map of Lake Summerset?

Answer: An on-line map can be found at: Detailed Map. A travel map to help you find Lake Summerset if you want to drive here can be found at: How To Find Us.

Question: How big a motor can I have on my boat at Lake Summerset?

Answer: Lake Summerset is not a huge lake. At 275 acres, it is a great size for fishing and boating. But the lake is restricted to certain maximum boat and motor sizes for the benefit of all. The main reasons for restricting boat/motor sizes involve soil erosion on the lots fronting the lake, and keeping waves on the lake to a reasonable size to allow for people fishing and for safety reasons. The current rules are:

Maximum length for Power/Fishing Boats 18’, Pontoon Boats 20’ per manufacturer’s specification & IL State Registration.

Effective January 2003, the maximum H.P. was increased to 75 H.P. for power boats, including deck boats and pontoon boats, providing such motors meet or exceed the C.A.R.B. 2001 rating (one star rating).

Effective July 2011, the maximum H.P. was increased to 90H.P. for power boats, including deck boats, providing such motors meet or exceed the C.A.R.B. 2008 rating (three star rating).

C.A.R.B. is an acronym for “California air Resources Board”. The C.A.R.B. rating and star labeling system is an industry standard for engine exhaust emissions.

These new H.P. limits and C.A.R.B. ratings apply to motors 75HP up to 90HP which are replacements on registered boats, used boat and motor combinations and new boat and motor combinations registered after these dates. These new ratings apply to both two and four cycle outboard motors.

Question: How big a sailboat can be used at Lake Summerset?

Answer: Sail boats cannot exceed 20 feet in length.  You would need to register it with the LSA office.  The letters "L" and "S" and your lot number need to go on both sides of the sail boat.  The LS office would also need a current copy of the watercraft card.

Question: Does Lake Summerset have a campground?

Answer: Lake Summerset has a nice campground facility which has showers, restrooms, and electrical hookups. To use the campgrounds, you have to be a Lake Summerset lot/homeowner. Many people who own lots but do not have a house on the lot, spend the summer camping at the campgrounds and use the lake facilities whenever they want. To use a campsite, you may register with the Lake Summerset business office for up to 30 days at a time. At the end of your 30 days you may reregister for an additional 30 days. You must be present 2 of 7 days per week, if you register for 30 days. The fee is $2 per night for electrical sites and $1 per night for non-electric sites.

The campgrounds are a very sociable place and there is an informal 'group' of regular campers that have get-togethers and sponsor some activities at the lake.

Question: What are the Forced Mowing Inspection dates?

Answer: The forced mowing inspection dates are May 20th, June 10th and then the 1st of July, Aug, Sept & Oct.  They are listed in the LS News each month.

Question: Does the lake have cable service?

Answer: Mediacom provides cable TV service and high speed Internet service. An alternative high speed Internet service is also provided by

Question: Are fences allowed on owners lots?

Answer: Lake Summerset Rules and Regulations prohibit the installation of any kind of fence around an owner's yard.

Question: Does Lake Summerset have cabins or short time rentals?

Answer: Lake Summerset is a community of single family homes. It is not a vacation spot with cabins or short time rentals. There may be residents that rent their houses while they are away on long vacations or during the Winter. These would have to be found by checking the local want ads. Lake Summerset itself does not deal with rentals to the public. Lake Sumemrset is a gated community and only residents or lot owners have access. Visitors require a special pass signed by a resident or lot owner in order to get past the guardhouse and enter the lake.

Question: What about beaches at Lake Summerset?

Answer: Lake Summerset has two beaches. The main beach is behind the lodge on the North side of the lake. The South beach is on the South side of the lake approximately in the middle of the lake. The main beach has lifeguards during the Summer. There is a sandy beach, a roped off area for shallow swimming, and a deeper roped off area with a floating platform for swimmers to swim out to. The South beach does not have lifeguards, but it has a similar roped off area.

Lake Summerset also has an olympic sized swimming pool with lifeguards during the Summer. The swimming pool has changing rooms and rest rooms.

Question: What about local hospitals?

Answer: The closest hospitals to Lake Summerset are:

Freeport Memorial Hospital
(about 22 miles from the Lake)

Freeport Memorial Hospital, a 192-bed facility, underwent a major expansion and renovation in 1993-94. The hospital offers 24-hour emergency medical care, a poison control center, sophisticated echocardiography, magnetic resonance imaging, full-body CT scanning, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, laser surgery, lithotripsy, intensive coronary care and cardiac rehabilitation. Physical, occupational, respiratory and speech therapy services are also provided. There are 76 physicians on the hospital's medical staff.

The hospital also operates a Sleep Center, Pain Clinic and Continence Clinic, as well as a Family Birthing Center, featuring Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum rooms for each patient. The hospital and the Ferguson Cancer Center are affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Hospital, Clinics, and School of Medicine.

Rockford Memorial Hospital
(About 30 miles from the Lake)

Rockford Memorial Hospital, the community's first hospital, opened its doors in 1883 and over the years has built its expertise, technology and facilities to its position today as the region's largest, most technologically advanced and most comprehensive hospital.

In 1994, 490-bed Rockford Memorial Hospital and the Rockford Clinic group joined together to create Rockford Health System. Some of the outstanding programs offered by Rockford Health System - combining the physicians of Rockford Clinic and the capabilities of Rockford Memorial Hospital - include The Children's Medical Center, The Heart Center, The Cancer Center, and a regional primary care network.

Many of the services offered through Rockford Memorial Hospital are not available at other regional hospital systems, including: high-risk perinatal unit, maternal-fetal medicine department, a Level III neonatal intensive care unit, inpatient rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, to name a few.

Saint Anthony Medical Center
(About 30 miles from the Lake)

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center is a 254-bed tertiary care facility that was founded in 1899. Their 109-acre campus is located near the intersection of Interstate 90 and US Business 20 on the east side of Rockford, Illinois. They are a regional referral center for patients from northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. They are a Level I Trauma Center and are known for their specialized services for heart care, burns, cancer and neurological diseases.

Swedish American Hospital
(About 30 miles from the Lake)

Swedish American is a not-for-profit, locally governed health care system dedicated to providing the highest value care to those who are sick, and the most effective prevention strategies to those who are well.

Headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, SwedishAmerican Health System serves 12 counties in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin through a major acute care hospital, a network of 14 primary care and multi-specialty clinics, the region's largest home health care agency and a full spectrum of outpatient, wellness and education programs, including the SwedishAmerican Center for Complementary Medicine, the region's only center exclusively devoted to alternative and complementary medicine.

Throughout the years, SwedishAmerican Health System has earned national recognition for the care they provide. This wouldn't have been possible without a dedicated, committed staff and the charitable endeavors of the SwedishAmerican Medical Foundation.

Question: Where do I sign up for the Lake Summerset e-mail blast sytem?

Answer: Below the Lake Summerset logo on the main LS web page is a box "For Members Only: Join Our Email List." This is where you sign up. Just put in your e-mail address, click on "Join" and follow the prompts.

Question: What is the e-mail address of the Lake Summerset Business office?


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